Kurdistan Journal of Applied Research operates a double-blind peer-review process to ensure the quality and integrity of published manuscripts. Extra reviewers might involve if needed.

Review Criteria
Manuscripts are evaluated based on several criteria: originality and timeliness of the material, clarity and adherence to author guidelines in writing, use of appropriate study methods, validity of the data, reasonableness and support of conclusions by the data, and the importance, topicality, and medical relevance of the information contained in the manuscript.

Review Confidentiality
Manuscripts received for review are treated as confidential documents. They are not shared or discussed with others except as authorized by the editor.

Inclusion/Exclusion of reviewers
Authors may suggest potential reviewers or may request the exclusion of certain individuals as peer reviewers while providing the necessary information and reasons in the cover letter. The editor has the discretion to consider these suggestions or decline it.

Reviewer Misconduct
The journal addresses reviewer misconduct with utmost seriousness, including breaches of confidentiality, failure to declare conflicts of interest, inappropriate use of confidential material, or deliberate delays in peer review for competitive advantage. Any allegations of such misconduct will be thoroughly investigated.

Review Decision:

  • Accept: The manuscript will proceed directly to the editing phase, including copyediting and proofreading, without requiring revisions.
  • Accept with Minor Revisions: Authors will have 7 workdays to make minor revisions. Once the Editor-in-Chief approves the changes, the manuscript will proceed to the editing phase without a second round of peer review.
  • Major Revisions: Authors will have 20 workdays to make significant revisions. The manuscript will then be reassigned to the same or new reviewers for further evaluation until a new decision is reached.
  • Rejection: If the manuscript is rejected, authors are encouraged to submit a new manuscript, which will undergo a new peer review process.