Correction and Retraction

KJAR Journal is committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and quality in our publications. We adhere to the best practices and guidelines set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to address errors and ethical issues in our published papers.


  • Erratum: An erratum is issued to correct significant errors introduced by the publisher that do not affect the overall results or conclusions of the paper. These errors are identified at the proof stage and corrected before final publication. If readers, authors, or editors notice an error, they should contact the editorial office at:
  • Corrigendum: A corrigendum is published to correct errors introduced by the authors that may affect the scientific results. Authors are responsible for notifying the journal of such errors and working with the editorial team to correct them. Once approved by the editors, the in-house editor will publish the corrigendum. Authors may be required to bear the costs associated with issuing a corrigendum.


  • Retractions are issued when a published paper contains significant errors or inaccuracies that affect the overall results and conclusions, or when there is evidence of scientific misconduct, such as plagiarism or unethical research practices.
  • Procedure:
    1. A retraction notes titled "Retraction: [article title]" will be published in a subsequent issue of the journal and listed in the table of contents.
    2. In the electronic version, a link will be made to the original article.
    3. The online article will be preceded by a screen containing the retraction note. Readers can proceed to the original article, which will be marked as "retracted" on each page.
    4. The original article will remain available but will be clearly labeled as retracted in all formats (HTML, PDF).
    5. The retraction notice will explain the reasons for the retraction and will be publicly available online.

Manuscript Withdrawal Policy
Authors may request the withdrawal of a manuscript by contacting the editorial office. However, such requests must be made prior to final publication.