Crossmark Policy

Crossmark is an initiative by Crossref involving multiple publishers, offering a standardized method for readers to locate the latest version of content. When the Crossmark logo is displayed, it signifies a commitment to ensuring the integrity of published content and keeping readers informed of any future modifications. Clicking on the Crossmark logo allows you to access the current status of a document and potentially discover additional publication details. All articles in the KJAR are assigned a DOI for permanent publication and may also provide additional information.

There are 12 defined types of accepted "updates" within Crossmark. The values for these are:


  • Addendum
  • Clarification
  • Correction
  • Corrigendum
  • Erratum
  • expression_of_concern
  • New_edition
  • New_version
  • Partial_retraction
  • Removal
  • Retraction
  • Withdrawal