Dactylogyrus dulkeiti Bychowsky, 1936 (Monogenea: KJAR Short Article Dactylogyride): first occurrence on the gills of Carassius auratus Linnaeus, 1758 from Dukan Lake in Kurdistan Region, Iraq

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Younis S. Abdullah Shamall M. A. Abdullah


This study presents the first record of the monogenean parasite Dactylogyrus dulkeiti Bychowsky, 1936 on gill filaments of the crucian carp Carassius auratus in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Fifty two fishes were collected from Dukan Lake that is located in the northwest of Sulaimani City from April to the end of July 2015. The prevalence of this parasite was 7.69% and the mean of intensity was 8.5. The description and measurement of this parasite has been discussed in details in the current work. The aim of the studyis to indicate the parasitic fauna of an exotic species of fish that introduced in Dukan Lake in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Dactylogyrus dulkeiti, Carassius auratus, Dukan Lake, Kurdistan region, Iraq.


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