Vol 7 - Issue 1 : June 2022

The Effect of COVID-19 on Intensity of Signs and Symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases

Ramand Mohammed Haji, Nabaz Ali Ahmed, Shakhawan Azad Ahmed


Design through Landscape Architecture for residential common spaces in Japan

sherko Karim Kader, Shava Shirwan Ibrahim Agha, Sham Mustafa Qadir, Banaz N. Muhealdeen


The The Role of Architectural Preservation Processes on the Permanence of Heritage Buildings of Value

Sham Mustafa Qadir, Banaz N. Muhealdeen, Mahmood Ahmed Khayat, Sherko Karim Kader Maruf, Shava Shirwan Ibrahim Agha


Glycolysis Regulation to Maintain Blood Glucose homeostasis

Karzan Jalal Salih, Dana Khdr Sabir, Hayman Jalal Abdoul


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