Automatic water level control using LabVIEW

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Hemin Ismael Azeez Narongrit Pimkumwong Shih-Chung Chen


Shortage in water supply is one of the major issues that some major cities throughout the world are facing nowadays. Due to not having full day water supply, households will have to efficiently manage the problem of water shortage and overcome the crises. This paper presents a system that indicates and controls the level of water in overhead tanks. Ultra-sonic sensors are employed to detect the level of the water between predefined minimum and maximum levels. LabVIEW which is a graphical programming language that uses a dataflow model is used to program microcontroller board Arduino UNO that is an interface between the software and the rest of the circuit components. From measured results good performance and accurate results are achieved.  


LabVIEW, microcontroller, absolute error.


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