Effect of reinforcement material on impact properties of epoxy

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Basim M. Fadhil Payman Sahbah Ahmed Ava Ali Kamal


Impact characteristics of Epoxy matrix composites is investigated by impact machine. Four different types of reinforcement are used in the experimental works: type one: 1.9wt% steel fiber, 1.9wt% carbon fiber,1.9 wt% carbon nanotube, 1.9 wt% woven carbon fiber.This work shows that reinforcing epoxy with (1.9 wt% of woven carbon fiber) improves the impact properties where energy, force and deformation values of impact test for this composite were 18.4J, 3580.59 N and 18 mm respectively while for epoxy were 2.927 J, 921.849 N and 18.413 mm respectively.


epoxy, nanotube, carbon fiber, steel fiber


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