Vol 2 No 3 (2017)

Published: 2017-08-27

Mechanical Behavior of A MEMS Based Capacitive Energy Harvester

Soleyman Azizi, Mohammad Rahimpour, Loghman Ghaderi Rad

A New ICT Framework to Adopt ICT Projects: KRG Organisations as Case Study

Shko M. Qader, Bryar A. Hassan, Miran Hama Rahim Saeed

Security Aspects in Online Purchasing Applications

Kanar Tariq, Ribwar Bakhtyar, David I. Forsyth, Riyam A. Johni

Optimization Algorithm’s Problems: Comparison Study

Rebaz M. Nabi, Rania Azad, Soran Saeed, Rebwar M. Nabi

Successful Data Science Projects: Lessons Learned from Kaggle Competition

Mohammed Zuhair Al-Taie, Naomie Salim, Adekunle Isiaka Obasa

Reviews Sentiment analysis for collaborative recommended system

Alia Karim Abdul Hassan, Ahmed Bahaa Aldeen Abdulwahhab

Automatic water level control using LabVIEW

Hemin Ismael Azeez, Narongrit Pimkumwong, Shih-Chung Chen

Multi-objective Optimization of Grid Computing for Performance, Energy and Cost

Ahmed Badri Muslim Fanfakh Fanfakhri, Ali Yakoob Yousif, Esraa Alwan

Flexible Pavement Evaluation: A Case study

Shamil Ahmed Flamarz Al-Arkawazi

Modified WiFi-RSS Fingerprint Technique to locate Indoors-Smartphones: FENG building at Koya University as a case study

Halgurd S. Maghdid, Ladeh Sardar Abdulrahman, Mohammed H. Ahmed, Azhin Tahir Sabir

The Influence of Annealing Temperature and Soaking Time on the Ductility of SG 255

Fryad J. Mahmud, Kawan M. Abdulrahman, Hawkar J. Muhammed, Barzan A. H. Seed

Grouping vehicles in Vehicular Social Networks

Muhammed Abaid Mahdi, Saad Talib Hasson

Data (Video) Encryption in Mobile devices

Aya Khalid Naji, Saad Najim Alsaad

Design and Implementation of Smart Home Energy Management System Based on GSM Network

Noor H. Saleh, Bilal A. Mubdir, Asaad M. Al-Hindawi, Adel H. Ahmed

Effect of reinforcement material on impact properties of epoxy

Basim M. Fadhil, Payman Sahbah Ahmed, Ava Ali Kamal

Writer Identification on Multi-Script Handwritten Using Optimum Features

Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed, Harith Raad Hasan, Fariaa Abdalmajeed Hameed, Omar Ismael Al-Sanjary

Human gait identification using Kinect sensor

Azhin Tahir Sabir, Mohammed H. Ahmed, Abdulbasit K. Faeq, Halgurd S. Maghdid

Speed up Eulerian Video Motion Magnification

Yossra Hussain, Ahmed A. Shkara
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