e-Hospital System Design and Implementation in Shorsh General Hospital at Kurdistan

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Mohamed Jasim Ahmed Subhi R. M. Zeebaree


The utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have developed quickly. Traditional Healthcare (TH) which designates paper-predicated system is expeditious giving way to e-health system in most developed countries and crawling gradually into the developing countries. Virtually all hospitals in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq (KR) are utilizing TH system or semi-electronic system. The TH suffers continually from being a slow-paced process, in which, patients and healthcare-center staffs must do many physical activity efforts for communicating one another. This paper deals with designing and actual implementation of web based electronic hospital system (WBEHS) in Shorsh General Hospital (SGH) in Sulaymaniyah city. The system solves the traditional style quandaries by transmuting the traditional paper-based healthcare system into a fully electronic system containing multi modules such as (Physician, X-Ray, Pharmacy, Laboratories, Ultrasound). Each of these modules has multi features and sundry options with more flexibility and usability for the users. The staff of SGH participated in the implementation and obtaining the results which have been evaluated by utilizing System Usability Scale (SUS). The overall evaluation score of the questionnaire was (79. 459%) which can be considered as a good result. The proposed system has been designed and implemented using the latest tools: (MySQL, HTML5, Google reCaptcha, CSS, Laravel Framework, jQuery, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax and Bootstrap).


e-health. e-hospital. e-government. Electronic medical records. Web based application. Kurdistan.


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