Endoscopic screening and Serological diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori among symptomatic individuals

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hogir MOHAMMAD Shukri Saadi


Recently the opportunity of peptic ulcer or gastric infection has been increased and dispersed in the world and caused by H. pylori. Many medical diagnoses have been used to detect this pathogenic and performed by invasive and non-invasive methods. Towards this end, the study address here evaluating the performance of the endoscopic diagnosis for GI unhealthy individuals and serological diagnosis for those who had a history of medication, seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection among suspected patients, and  evaluate the association of studied risk factors with infected cases in Duhok city. ELISA technique was used for the detection of anti-Helicobacter-specific IgG, IgM, and IgA antibodies. A structured questionnaire interview for each patient was performed to investigate the endoscopic examination, occupation, and history of treatment associated with   H. pylori infection.  

Out of 86 tested samples, H. pylori were found in 71%, 30%, and 6% by ELISA IgG, IgA, and IgM. According to the occupation factor, the housewife group had higher percentages of IgG (75%), IgM (9%), and IgA (60%) than those affiliated with the military group which was recorded a lower percentage (28%) of IgG (1%) of IgM and (0%) IgA respectively. A significant relationship was found between the student's group and seropositive IgG by ELISA and also a significant correlation was detected between the housewife group and the seropositive IgM.  A higher percentage of IgG (70%), IgM (6%), and IgA (26%) were found among subjected patients with no history of medication than who have a history of medication. There was a positive association between those who have not taken antibiotics and the positive case of IgG by ELISA. The highest percentage of antral gastritis was recorded by IgG (73%), IgM (9%), and IgA (34%) respectively among endoscopic findings while in the case of Normal endoscopy lowest percentage was recorded. A significant correlation was between seropositive IgG and antral gastritis. In the conclusion, H. pylori have wide prevalent  in the housewife group which requires high awareness to reduce exposure to H. pylori subsequently to decrease possibilities of transmission. There was a statistical correlation between antral gastritis and serological IgG by ELISA method.





Helicobacter pylori , Gastritis, ELISA, endoscopic findings, Sero-diagnosis, Anti-Helicobacter pylori antibodies


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