A New ICT Framework to Adopt ICT Projects: KRG Organisations as Case Study

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Shko M. Qader Bryar A. Hassan Miran Hama Rahim Saeed


In a world dominated by technology people expect fast swift and efficient services, and for governments this means that citizens and companies expect public services to keep pace with this development and be fast and free of routines. Therefore, most of the developed countries became to adopt the e-Government concept where it enables this improvement and utilize information and communication technology (ICT) to serve the citizens.  Basically, the purpose of this research is to provide Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) organisations and the public sector with a means to comprehend what is essential from a digital communication framework perspective to support delivery of an online public service and identify the components required to achieve this goal along with a high level definition of these components. This paper outcomes the establishment of a high-tech government communication infrastructure and applications via investigating the current and future ICT demands for KRG government organisations, conducting two surveys, and interviewing the stakeholders and clients. It also produces a set of recommendation and suggestions and approaches for designing an efficient framework that mediates information securely among KRG organisations and facilitate collaboration and integration among them.


e-Government, e-Governance, e-Services, Information and communications technology (ICT), ICT Project Management


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